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Dec 11, 2014

Cover Reveal - Roll Against Trust by Allyson Lindt

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Roll Against Trust
by Allyson Lindt
3D20 series Book One

Roll Against TrustTasha’s not looking for love, but she doesn’t mind just looking… And maybe a little fantasizing. Her two best friends and weekend AD& D buddies, Seth and Ryan, are the perfect guest stars in her fantasies. When a late night gaming session with the three goes from silly to verbally scorching in an instant, Tasha wonders if her imagination is enough to keep her satisfied long term.

Then her ex’s money mismanagement catches up to her in the form of draining her bank account, her job is threatened by a mistake that points to Ryan, and Seth takes his side. If Tasha can’t move past her trust issues long enough to uncover the truth—both with herself and the men she’s falling for—she’ll wind up broken-hearted and just plain broke.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Ménage, Gamers, Geeks, Roll Play Gaming
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

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We joked and talked as we made our way to the far corner of the parking lot. Seth liked to park way out there because, well, he said it was because it wouldn’t hurt us to walk. But I knew it was more because his BMW was his baby, and he felt like it was safer away from the other cars.

As we drew closer, the darkness closed in around us, and I realized the parking lot lights in the entire section were out. “Ooh, dark and creepy. What if there are bad things hiding in the shadows?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll protect you.” Ryan tossed an arm around my shoulder, his voice sliding into the same false bravado he used when he was playing his paladin.

It was just a friendly gesture, like so many hundreds he’d made before. But the part of my mind that had been out of control all day honed in on the warm contact. The familiar security and at the same time, bold assumption in the gesture. I was too drained from the day to completely suppress my response. I teased back, “What if you’re the big-bad I need protecting from?”

We’d reached the car, and there was no one else nearby. All the other filmgoers were parked far enough away, their voices barely reached us. Even then, most of them were already gone.

“You’ve got a good point.” Seth grabbed my wrists loosely and tugged them behind my back. I could have broken away if I wanted, but the heat of his palms against my skin held me captive more than his grip. His hot words caressed the back of my neck. “It’s dark enough no one will see us.”

I didn’t want to hold back the fantasies. Need coursed through me, driving my response. “So what’s to stop you from taking advantage of the situation?”

Ryan stepped closer, pinning me between the two. “Only you.”

Hesitation wormed up inside. These were my two best friends. Even if I had been dreaming about Ryan yanking my hair and screwing me hard, or Seth sliding his fingers inside me, it didn’t mean I was willing to surrender our current bond over it. “I still have to look you in the eye in the morning.”

“That wasn’t a problem after Friday night.” Seth’s lips glided over my skin.

A whimper slipped from my throat, and my heart threatened to hammer out of my chest. “That was just a game.”

“So’s this.” Ryan traced a finger over my bottom lip, and my mouth parted at the sensation. “One where everyone wins, and then we go on with life the next day.”

“Say the word and we won’t play.” Seth’s thumb stroked the tender flesh on the inside of my arm.

Every inch of me ached for more. A kiss, a touch. Given how wet I was, if I shifted my weight, I’d slip and slide. Had they planned this? Did I care whether the moment was spontaneous? “Let’s play.”
Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   Smashwords   Kobo   B&N

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  1. LOOOOVED the excerpt!! I'm definitely intrigued.. can't wait to check this out. Thanks for sharing :)


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