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Dec 6, 2014

Cover Reveal - Mistral by Lela Marie De La Garza

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

by Lela Marie De La Garza

MistralThe people at Shady Grove accepted life as it was. They didn’t know a miracle was possible until Mike Paulson played them one.

Shady Grove is home to the flawed people who make up the only life Mabel Palova has. Amberson Pritchard, once a basketball star, is now eating his way toward an early grave, carefully hiding his feelings from the woman he loves. Evangeline Hatfield, who was the beautiful mistress of a rich man, now spends her life in a wheelchair, bitterly hating the world and herself most of all. Ba and King Herold are two halves of a whole, but suffered devastating losses finding each other. The scar on Mabel’s face and the scar on Mabel’s soul tell what destroyed the life she once had.

When Mike Paulson appears, speaking only with his smile and his talented hands, he brings Mabel’s old harp to life. One sweep of his fingers across the strings is the beginning of a marvelous change for Shady Grove and its occupants.

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Contemporary, Magic, Miracles
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt & More

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Jim pulled to the curb when he saw a body lying on the sidewalk. “Be careful,” his wife cautioned. “It might be a trick.” But Jim was already out of the car.

Miriam watched him bend over the man’s body, checking for a pulse and breathing; then she joined him. “He’s not dead, is he?”

“No,” Jim answered. “Not drunk either—at least I don’t smell alcohol.”

“Should we call the police? Or 911?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. He doesn’t seem to be hurt. I really don’t know.”

Just then the man opened his eyes, a startling robin’s-egg blue against his dark skin. He sat up. And he smiled. In that smile were butterflies and rainbows and moonbeams and childhood dreams…and all the hope of mankind.

The two were enchanted. They couldn’t help smiling back. “I’m Jim Harris, and this is my wife, Miriam.”

The man nodded, indicating that he heard, but said nothing.

“Can we help you? Do you live around here?”

The man stayed silent, continuing to smile.

Jim and Miriam looked at each other. “Do you have any identification?” Jim asked, getting no response. “Is it all right if I look in your pocket and try to find something that will tell us who you are?”

To Jim’s surprise, the man reached in his own coat pocket and pulled out a billfold. Jim opened it, hoping to find a driver’s license or a Social Security card, but the billfold contained only cash—quite a lot of it. Jim thumbed through the bills. “Ten, twenty, fifty, fifty… He must have over five hundred dollars in here! I’m surprised someone hasn’t robbed him.”

“I’m not,” Miriam murmured, almost to herself. “No one would rob this man. It just wouldn’t happen.”

Jim looked in the man’s shirt pocket, still trying to find identification, and he saw a bank book. It contained checks in the name of Mike Paulson and was registered to the Jefferson Bank. “Now we know who he is.”

“But what should we do? We can’t just leave him here.”

“No, we can’t. I think what we have to do first is take him to Dr. Jenkins and have him checked out. I’m pretty sure he’s all right, but he doesn’t talk, even though he understands what we say, and we need to find out why. Then we’re going to trace him through Jefferson Bank. If he has family, we’ll locate them. If he doesn’t, we’ll find him a place to stay. I have a feeling he can afford any medical treatment he needs and stay any place he wants. But he’s not going to stay on the street. I believe we found him for a reason.”

“So do I.”
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