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Dec 21, 2014

Cover Reveal - Hot Holiday Treats by Sotia Lazu et al

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Hot Holiday Treats
by Sorcha Mowbray, Rachel Kenley, Jocelyn Dex, Sotia Lazu
Leigh Ellwood, Eva Lefoy, Daisy Banks & Sofia Grey

Hot Holiday Treats 3D
Eight Sexy Holiday Stories to keep you warm on cold winter nights.

Cozy up with eight complete all new novellas full of love, lust, and winter magic by award winners and the ladies of Silken Sheets & Seduction.

From cowboys to demons, we’ve got hot holiday treats to warm you up.

Genre: Romance
Content/Theme(s): Contemporary, Paranormal, Cowboy, Demons, Fae, Foodie, Shifters, Panthers, Yeti
Release Date: November 3, 2014
Publisher: Excessica Publishing

Excerpts & More on each story

Purchase links: This limited edition anthology is no longer available but the individual stories are releasing separately. See below for the ones we know about (with covers) so far.

A Cowboy’s Christmas Wish by Sorcha Mowbray
When rancher Ford Grayson saunters out of Melissa Adams’ past and into her bar, she’s determined to take him for a ride and kick him to the curb. Payback’s a bitch. But, the cowboy is determined to make his very own Christmas wish come true.
A Cowboy’s Christmas Wish Excerpt:
Ford crossed the distance between them, cock hard and balls aching. Nothing about Mel didn’t rock his world—even after ten years. Her body had softened and filled out in all the right places. Her eyes tracked his every move with a wary vulnerability that tore at his soul. “Even if you were right, and truth be told you probably are, nobody would do but you.”

“Give over.” She pushed him away. “I’m not that same starry-eyed girl you dated back in high school. You wanna get laid? I might be willing to accommodate you. But, if I do it will be on my terms.” She folded her arms across her ample breasts and stared him in the eyes.

His cock thickened and lengthened at the prospect she might strip off her tight tee-shirt and tiny little shorts for him. Suddenly, she was the answer to every Christmas wish he’d made for the last nine years. Every fantasy he’d tried to live out in the tropical heat this time of year.

“Mel.” He managed to push her name over the sandpaper that lined his throat. Saliva wouldn’t answer his body’s demand, and breath barely squeezed past the constriction in his airway.

She pressed a finger to his lips. “Don’t. It’s the holidays, and the truth is I don’t want to face my lonely apartment. So, if you want me, I’m willing to oblige both our curiosities about what it was like and if it could possibly be everything we remember.”

Relief sliced through his tension and let anticipation bubble to the surface. He slid his hands up over her shoulders and then her cheeks to cup her face as he possessed her mouth. The very same mouth that had led him to believe all was well with her. His tongue delved past her lips and teeth to explore her mouth in wild abandon.

With a groan, she clutched at his waist and pressed her breasts against his chest. In that moment Ford knew no business deal, no cattle auction, no rodeo win could ever compare with the exhilaration he got from tasting Mel. She was addictive.
Find Sorcha Mowbray at:
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Just’s Desserts by Rachel Kenley
Dessert as foreplay? Justine saves her passion for the desserts she creates. Adam pours his focus into work. Together, something is going to melt.
Just’s Desserts Excerpt:
“I have to admit, I am still surprised by all of this. I don’t think a man has ever gone to so much trouble to spend time with me.”

“Then you’ve been with the wrong men.”

“No arguments. If you like my honesty, then I hope you won’t mind my saying I wouldn’t have thought I was your type.”

“If you mean you don’t look like a magazine socialite, I can tell you those women are as wrong for me as your previous boyfriends were for you.”

“So you don’t mind that I look ….” Her voice trailed off as she gestured to her body.

“Luscious? Passionate? Vibrant?”

She looked away from him. “Those weren’t the words I was going to choose.”

He took her chin and turned her face to look into her beautiful eyes. “But they are the ones I do, and they describe the woman I see.”

“Kiss me again,” she said.

“With great pleasure.” This time he brought his arms around her and pulled her to him, breathing in the sweet scent of her skin and allowing himself to embrace her fully. He pulled the elastic out of her hair and ran his hands through the silky strands. “You feel so good here with me.”

Her arms were around him and her hands were tracing the collar of his shirt sending ripples of delight through him. “I’ve never had a man kiss me as thoroughly as you do.”

“That’s not all I want to do to you.”

“Tell me more.”

“I’ve wanted you naked beneath me since the first moment I laid eyes on you.” He felt her shiver. “Your dessert made my cock hard, and all I could think after seeing you was finding a way to have you alone so I could find out if you tasted even better than your cooking.”

“The Meglio Sesso gave you an erection?”

Find Rachel Kenley at:
Twitter: @rachelkenley
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A Demon's GiftA Demon’s Gift by Jocelyn Dex
Cordelia, a demon hunter trainee who daydreams of Christmas, fights to resist Argoth, the sex demon, who inflames her desire and reveals a truth that turns her world upside down.
A Demon’s Gift Excerpt:
A throaty, sexy chuckle reached her ears. Her skin instantly heated, prickled. Damn it. The cells were soundproof, but somehow the guards or Bix always managed to leave his intercom on when she was in the room. She whipped around and glared at him through the thick glass enclosure which served as his prison. “Shut up, demon.”

His lips turned down in an exaggerated frown. “I couldn’t help myself. Your childish gesture amused me. And how many times do I have to ask you to call me by my name? Say it with me—Argoth.”

It was his fault. The reason she had to keep proving her fighting skills, the reason she hadn’t made certification, the reason she was stuck down there every damn day. She’d learned to somewhat resist the manipulation of several of the others she’d been pitted against but not his. Amused him, did she? Well, let him be amused. He might be her weakness, but she knew his weakness too.

She sauntered over to his cell and slowly pulled her sweaty tank top over her head, exposing her fight-toned stomach. His eyes darkened as they traveled slowly up and down her body before finally settling on her breasts that were clad in only a thin sports bra.

He was a sex demon and had been denied all but self-release since being captured and locked up three months earlier. Denying a sex demon sex was like denying a crack addict crack—except the sex was actually good for the demon.

Her gaze dropped to his crotch and she gulped at the unmistakable bulge there. That damn sexy chuckle floated through the intercom again.

“Don’t play games you can’t control, Delia.”
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Furry Christmas by Sotia Lazu
Alice’s lonely holidays take an interesting turn when a stray dog walks into her life. Little does she know he could be her Prince Charming, if only she believed in magic.
Furry Christmas Excerpt:
“You know, I can do that using only my mouth,” she said, waggling her eyebrows. This man, this nameless man, made her feel more at ease than she ever remembered being.

“I’ll have to see that to believe it. Maybe…?”

She caught herself hoping he’d say, ‘Maybe next time?’ but he didn’t finish his question. Instead, he knelt between her legs.

She thought he’d pull her panties off, but he bunched them in his fist and tugged them to the side, pressing his thumb against her clit.

She gasped.

He smiled.

Silk glided against her naked skin. Alice raised both arms over her head and took pleasure in the luxurious sensation. Feather light caresses of silk down her breasts, her belly, her thighs. Her entire body felt a-tingle, her skin breaking in goose-bumps, alive under the soft material.

Her eyelids fluttered open, and for a fraction of a second, she was sure she made out the outline of a man stretched out next to her, one hand folded under his head. He was completely nude, his cock hard and thick.

She reached out for him, inexplicably unafraid, but found fur instead of the smooth expanse of his chest.

She woke up again, this time for real. She was fully dressed in her pink flannel pajamas, and the only one sharing her bed was Prince, who panted happily when she rubbed his sides.

A dream. One more vivid than she’d ever had before.

“I’m in serious need of a good fuck,” Alice muttered to herself.
Find Sotia Lazu at:
Twitter: @justsotia
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Holiday Bliss by Leigh Ellwood
Two years after Hurricane Sandy, panther shifter Sheila Houlihan has finally rebuilt her home in the shore town of Bliss, New Jersey. She looks forward to her first Christmas there, if only Jonah will finish with the interior painting. Jonah, however, is interested in being more than Sheila’s handyman.
Holiday Bliss Excerpt:
He knew some women did the budoir thing for self-esteem, but couldn’t think that Sheila needed that kind of boost. She was a brassy broad—his mother’s words, anyway. It wasn’t like he could ask her, either.

He wished a woman would give him such pictures. When he did date, he ended up with the demure type. She-panthers in particular weren’t willing to put out if they knew they weren’t going to be mated to you. Since Jonah’s family lacked the status of the Houlihans, it reduced the number of prospects. He tried dating fully human women, too, but many of them only wanted the thrill of being with a shifter—as though he had supernatural sexual powers. He’d lost count of the times he had to explain to a woman that fucking her wouldn’t give her his supernatural abilities.

Lost in thought, he looked down to see he was stroking himself. It felt good. Damn. He missed having a woman’s lips wrapped around his cock. Warm and tight and wet, pulling with enough suction to get him to come. Then he’d wait a short while and he’d be hard again, ready to lay back and have her ride his cock, bouncing up and down so that her tits swayed and shook. He’d reach up to pinch those thick, pink nipples and watch her moan.

The drawstring keeping his work pants secured loosened now, and Jonah’s hand slipped under his briefs and took hold of his balls. They ached for satisfaction and he rolled them over his fingers for a few seconds before he snaked upward to rub his shaft. The soft skin pulled easily despite the lack of lubrication, but he kept working on his cock and encouraging the tingle of a growing orgasm.

He closed his eyes and pictured Sheila—a sexy cougar in panther’s guise—naked and bent, pressed against the wall with her ass pushed back. He’d seen her around in a swimsuit on the beach, and the differences in their ages didn’t matter to him. Her body certainly defied her years, for she looked fitter and toner than any of the bikini babes trotting along the shore in the peak of summer. Winter meant coverage, though with the recent warmth it called merely for light jackets, but it didn’t stop Jonah from fantasizing about Sheila’s exposed pussy, wet and waiting for him.

“What are you doing?” cried a high-pitched voice.
Find Leigh Ellwood at:
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To Capture a Yeti by Eva Lefoy
An ambitious reporter is determined to prove to the world Yetis exist, even at the cost of her life. But when she’s confronted with the truth, will she choose fame and fortune or keep the secret and the man she desires all to herself?
To Capture a Yeti Excerpt:
“I saw one, you know.” When he made no reply she added, “A Yeti.”

Pete’s back went stiff and he put down the stick he’d been using to poke the fire. “No you didn’t. They don’t exist, Kaylee.”

“Yes I did. He rescued me from the avalanche.”

Pete swiveled on his toes, turning halfway toward her. “That was me, Kaylee. You were hallucinating, that’s all.”

Her mouth fell open. Of all the nerve. Lying right to my face! “I know what I saw, Pete. It wasn’t you.”

He rose, shaking his head. “You’re lucky to be alive right now, Kaylee. Give up this fantasy of yours and get some sleep. Things will appear more rational in the morning.”

Was he telling her to shut the fuck up? So he does think I’m crazy? Asshole. What a jerk. I’ll show him. I’ll… She swept the covers off and plunged her feet toward the floor. Caught in the heat of the moment, her adrenaline spiking, she shot to standing with her fists out and fury close to the surface. I’ve had enough of these non-believers. She took a step and teetered. The room did that spinny thing again and she sank into a downward spiral.

Pete appeared from nowhere, his arms circling her waist and shoulders. “Easy now.”

“You take that back. I did see a Yeti. I did!” Her hands were still fisted, but her voice lacked venom. She sagged into the comfort of his embrace again, telling herself this was the last time she would let this man hold her. But when she looked up at his face, all her anger melted.

The searing intensity of his eyes shot sparks of green and amber toward her. His arms clutched her tighter than necessary, crushing her body to his. She had no way and no desire to escape. Every place their bodies met, hers heated, and his hardened cock pressed into her thigh. Already primed and aroused, a thundering wave of desire crashed over her, causing her to let out a breathy moan.

“Kaylee,” he groaned. “Please, don’t do that.”
Find Eva Lefoy at:
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Longest Night Loving by Daisy Banks
Cursed elf Miles has waited for centuries in the hope a woman will free him from the curse binding him to this house. Will his beautiful visitor pass the test and prove she is the one who he can love?
Longest Night Loving Excerpt:
So beautiful.

She smiled, and his heart lurched in a bigger response, one some might call emotional. No angel this, the spark in her eyes as her gaze met his lit his hopes. He could not leave her to stand in waiting. He fought to still an answering smile as he continued down the stairs. Tonight wasn’t about smiles.

Her blue eyes widened a little at his approach. Lifting her chin, she took a step back. “Mr. B.F.E. Miles?”

He could swim in those eyes, dive beneath the gleaming surface to find the pearl of her soul, the crux of all her yearnings, if only she would pass the test and let him. “Yes. I am Miles. You are?”

“Jessica Hopton, Mr. Miles. A pleasure to meet you. I’m your tenant at the gatehouse cottage. I’ve brought the rent gift as the letter said.”

“You’re late.”

She pursed her glossy lips for a second. “I do apologize. I was busy getting something ready to take to a party.” She patted the large bundle on the hall table. “Here are the things the letter ordered.”

“Good. Follow me, Jessica.” He turned and walked to the library door. The desire to take one last look at her as she was now had to be satisfied and he glanced over his shoulder. Her fragrance wove about him. Truly the scent of heaven could not be sweeter. “You can leave your cape here. This way, we have things to discuss.”
Find Daisy Banks at:
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Caging the Wolf by Sofia Grey
Jessie has fallen in love with the perfect guy, Levi, but there’s one tiny problem. The blue-eyed hunk only exists in her dreams.
Caging the Wolf Excerpt:
I dreamed of home, and Christmas shopping. I sat on a wooden bench in my local shopping mall, the giant Trafford Centre, and gazed at the opulent decorations strung from the glass ceiling. Busy shoppers hurried past me, the usual crowds, but even though I’d shopped here a thousand times, it now felt alien.

I felt, rather than saw, someone take the space next to me. A glance to my side revealed a young man. He sprawled against the bench seat, one arm insolently thrown across the back, as though we were a couple.

I gave him a proper look. Messy, dark hair fell to his chin, and thick stubble raked his cheeks, making him look as though he’d stumbled here straight from his bed. A black T-shirt hugged his chest, and worn, dark jeans clung to strong thighs. The denim looked soft and much-washed, and I dragged my gaze up from his crotch, to meet twinkling—startling—blue eyes. Where had I seen eyes like that before?

A lazy grin broke out on his face, and my cheeks heated. He couldn’t have missed the way I’d been staring at him. With his dark tan, and perfect white teeth, he looked far too exotic to be sitting in a Manchester shopping mall.

“Hi, Jess.”

The rational part of me questioned how he knew my name. The rest of me wanted to swoon at his voice. Deep, and husky, it reminded me of salted caramel chocolate—velvety, but with a dangerous edge. It also had a lilting accent that was familiar. He was a Kiwi.

“I’m sorry, do I know you?” My polite English upbringing stepped forward, even though I’d never seen him before. I couldn’t forget someone so delicious.
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