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Nov 11, 2014

Cover Reveal - The Professor’s Girl by Renee Rose

Cover & Excerpt

The Professor’s Girl by Renee Rose

Professors GirlWhen graduate student Lucy Larson sees her hot professor, thesis advisor and employer at a spanking party, she promptly runs and hides. Later, kicking herself for her cowardice, she realizes she missed the opportunity to bring her spanking fantasies to life and sets her sights on seducing the hunky scientist. He ignores her antics until she accidentally ruins his research experiment and then he bends her over his desk for twenty strokes of the cane.

Dr. Todd Daniels would like nothing more than to get involved with his smart and sexy lab assistant, but doing so would be unethical and risk censure from the university. Still, when she deserves a serious spanking, he delivers.

Delving into a flaming hot love affair, they must hide their relationship and navigate department politics, a search for his child, given up for adoption years before, and Lucy’s insecurities about his commitment. He wants to make it all work, but he isn’t sure if their unbalanced power dynamic has longevity as a relationship. In the end, all mentors fall off their pedestals and students must spread their own wings.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Domestic Discipline, Spanking, Professor
Release Date: September 6, 2014
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He lifted her little skirt, revealing the sight he’d been looking forward to all day.

Her pert little ass, naked it in all its glory. He brought his hand down on one cheek with a resounding slap. “How has it been without panties?” he asked as he rubbed away the sting.

“Terrible!” she grumbled.

He laughed as he brought his hand down again on the other cheek. “Did it make you think of me?”

“Yes, sir.”

He picked up speed, warming her cheeks to prepare her for the hairbrush and prevent bruising. He watched as her skin turned from light peach to rose and spanked her long past the time when she began to wriggle and kick her heels. Her breathing had turned shallow and she began to make little gasps and cries of protest. He stopped and rubbed. The color had begun to hold, her cheeks painted a lovely shade of blush.

“So,” he said, picking up the hairbrush. “What was your idea with leaving this brush lying around my lab?” he asked, bringing it down on one cheek.

She let out a high-pitched squeal.

He circled her cheek with the smooth wooden surface. “It hurts quite a bit doesn’t it?”

“Y-yes!” she gasped.

He brought it down on the other cheek.

“Owwww!” she protested.

“Yes, my dear.” He applied it rapidly, alternating right and left cheeks for a series of ten strokes.

Lucy twisted and turned on his lap, trying to dodge his blows. “Ohhh,” she moaned pitifully when he stopped.

“It is rather unforgiving. I consider it to be an implement for punishment, rather than play.”

He gave her another set of ten rapid fire spanks.

“Ouuuch. Please, ouch.” She tried to reach back to rub her bottom but he caught her wrist and bent it behind her waist.

“What do you think, Lucy? Is it fun?” He began to spank again, this time leaving six stinging marks on her lower cheeks.

“N-not really,” she moaned.

“What do you say to your professor for teasing him with it?”

“I’m sorry, sir!”

He chuckled and ran his hand over her heated skin. “Thank you. Get on your knees at my feet.”
Purchase links:  Blushing Books   Amazon   AmazonUK   B&N
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