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Oct 18, 2014

Cover Reveal - Return to Emerald City by Sofia Grey and Allyson Lindt

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Return to Emerald City
by Sofia Grey & Allyson Lindt

Return to Emerald CityA collection of novellas inspired by The Wizard of Oz

Visit Emerald City again, this time in the future.

Four science fiction romance novellas return us to the world of The Wizard of Oz to experience love futuristic style.

Is there no place like home for Dorothy?
If Quinn only had the nerve…
If Scott only had a brain…
If Cam only had a heart…

Dorothy’s Red Shoes
His Replay Girl
His Reboot Girl
His Rewind Girl

Genre: Sci Fi Romance
Content/Theme(s): Futuristic, Fantasy, Anthology, Novella collection
Release Date: October 14, 2014
Acelette Press
Story blurbs, Excerpts & More

Dorothy’s Red Shoes by Sofia Grey
There’s no place like home… Dorothy is already feeling homesick for Emerald City, and wonders if taking a job halfway around the world was a mistake. When her love life crumbles–again–will she run for home?

His Replay Girl by Allyson Lindt
If he only had the nerve… Ten years ago, Quinn made the best choice of his life, and the biggest mistake. It’s true, his band, Lionheart, is one of the biggest in the world, but how much does it mean if he can’t tell the woman he loves how he feels?

His Reboot Girl by Sofia Grey
If he only had a brain… Scott woke up with his head spinning and not much else going on up there. Now he’s a suspect in a terrorist plot, and on the run. One woman insists she's the key to his past and his freedom. Too bad he doesn't remember her.

His Rewind Girl by Allyson Lindt
If he only had a heart.... Cam is as much machine as man. There are days he loathes the CyGes implants that saved his life but couldn't do the same for his family. They replaced his limbs, but now he needs someone to mend his heart.

Special 99¢ until November 8, 2014
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Dorothy’s Red Shoes Excerpt:
A handsome man in a tuxedo stared back at me. Oh my God, it was Ben. A tux? I did a double take, my gaze sweeping up and down in amazement. A black jacket and slacks, ice white shirt, and neat black bowtie. I’d only ever seen him in jeans and a T-shirt, with tennis shoes or flip flops. Now he wore black, polished leather shoes. His hair was shorter and rumpled, as though he’d been running his fingers through it, and his blue eyes were wide as he looked at me.



We spoke at the same time, but he recovered first. “Jesus. You’re fuckin’ gorgeous, Dorothy.” He looked dazed, and shook his head briefly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to—uh… What I meant… You’re beautiful.”

My chest warmed, and my cheeks heated, as he echoed back the words I hoped to hear from Matthew. I gestured toward him. “You scrub up well, yourself. Where did you get the tux?”

“I…uh.” He tugged at the tie. “Hired.”

I touched my temple with one fingertip. “No glasses?”
His Rewind Girl Excerpt:
Morgana rested her forehead against the inside of the helmet, which nudged his back. His every movement rippled against her, as he tore down back roads at top speed, the air whipping around them. Dan. She’d almost laughed at the name. Then again, she’d given him a name only her friends called her, so who was she to judge? Not that she cared what his real name was. She’d never see him again after tonight.

The thought felt foreign. She wasn’t a sleep-around kind of girl, despite the fact she talked big with her best friends Dorothy and Roz. But after Travis… Yeah, she was better off not getting attached. Besides, as long as she didn’t use anyone else the way Travis had used her—as long as it was mutual—it was fine, right?

She let her focus drift back to more pleasant thoughts, like the man she was wrapped around. His spine was probably mechanical. It was hard to tell with the small movements against her chest. But his left arm definitely was. The stunt with the cat proved that. Organic components didn’t move like that. His legs probably were too. There was a symmetry to his gait that wasn’t natural. And at least something inside was synthetic as well, given how fast he’d downed that bottle of vodka.

She leaned with him, as they hit another turn. She’d missed this rush. A bike ride wasn’t what she’d been looking for when she’d approached him, but it was a fantastic bonus.
Special 99¢ until November 8, 2014
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Be on the lookout for Sofia Grey's next release Clara's Airman coming in 2015 and Allyson Lindt's next release Roll Against Trust coming December 2014

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