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Sep 4, 2014

Cover Reveal - Tug of Attraction by Ashlyn Chase

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Tug of Attraction by Ashlyn Chase
Love Spells Gone Wrong Book Two

Tug of AttractionTwo witches. One screwy spell.

Failed actress Brigit Love moved back to New Hampshire from Hollywood with one goal: to have a child. So far her only babies are furry and live at the animal shelter where she works. Brigit isn’t willing to marry to get what she wants, so doing things in “the correct order” may not be possible. Even her Wiccan spells don’t seem to be working. Until she comes up with an outrageous idea that just might do the trick.

It's time for this tugboat captain to sink or swim.

Handsome tugboat captain Ethan Cox loves his life as a happy bachelor and his only goal is to keep things exactly the way they are. No wonder his coven friend Brigit thinks he’d be the perfect guy to plant the seed and walk away whistling, especially with an iron clad contract protecting his interests.

Ethan truly wants to help Brigit, but the contract she draws up stating he must give up all rights and responsibilities leaves him with a sinking feeling. Will he lose Brigit’s friendship and make coven rituals awkward if he refuses—or lose even more if he doesn’t?

Originally published Sept 2014. It has been re-edited and given a new series name, but kept the same cover.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Humor, Wiccans, Witches, Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 29, 2015
Lachesis Publishing
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Brigit looked up from the big bag of kibble to see long legs and hands on lean hips. She straightened and took in the rest of Ethan Cox’s handsome face and angry scowl. Uh-oh.

She tamped down her instant desire, and tried to sound nonchalant. “Ethan! What are you doing here?”

He looked like he was about to answer her but turned his head and sneezed instead.

“Bless you.”

“Great. I’m allergic to your workplace.”

“And I’m not crazy about boats. Is that what you wanted to tell me?”

“No. Is there someplace we can talk—someplace that isn’t covered with animal dander?”

At an animal shelter? “Maybe outdoors…Want to help me feed the horses?”

“You have horses here?”

“A few. I just need to finish—”

Ethan turned his head and sneezed again.

“You know what? I’ll finish feeding the dogs later.” She put the kibble to the side and said, “Sorry guys. I’ll have to come back.” To their yips of protest she said, “I can’t let my friend get sick.”

Maybe it was her imagination, but she thought she saw Ethan smile slightly. She led him outside as quickly as possible, and hoped beyond hope that the scowl had more to do with his allergies than hinting at an answer to her recent request.

As soon as they were a few feet from the building, she took his hand. He glanced down at their clasped hands, but she couldn’t read his expression. At least he didn’t recoil. His hand was warm, and a little rough, as she’d expect from all the work he did outside in all types of weather.

“I’ll just add water to the horse’s trough. You can sit on the picnic bench and I’ll be right back. He nodded and let go of her hand, but he didn’t sit on the bench. He stood and watched her. Maybe there was still a chance…

She leaned over and stuck out her ass, which she’d been told was a lovely rounded shape. The skinny jeans with some bling on the pockets made her feel feminine. With any luck he’d notice and want to cop a feel.

She glanced beneath her arm, and saw the hunger in his eyes as he watched her. Ah. A very good sign. She was tempted to wave it back and forth a bit, but she didn’t want to be that blatant.

At last she’d filled the trough and resisted patting the horses. She didn’t want to test how bad Ethan’s allergies were. She did, however take a moment to murmur some nonsense that seemed to make them happy. When she walked back up the hill she let her breasts bounce just a bit, hoping it didn’t seem too obvious.

“Have a seat,” she said and gestured to the bench.

“What I have to say is quick.”

Oh, no. That’s never good. She braced herself and expected her hopes and dreams to be dashed. She bit her lip and nodded as if to say, “Go ahead. I’m ready.”

“If we’re going to do this, it’s going to happen the normal way. I need your phone number, so I can ask you out.”

“On a date? But that’s not—”

He held up a hand to halt her speech.

“That’s how it’s got to be. I won’t do this any other way. I’m not even guaranteeing we’ll have sex on the first date—or the second.”

Her jaw dropped, then she remembered he didn’t say no. ‘Maybe later’ was better than an outright no. Anything was better than a no.

“Okay. Let me get a pen and paper.” Her hands began to shake.

He reached into his lightweight jacket pocket and produced a small spiral notebook and a pen.

“Oh. You come prepared.”

“Generally, yes. I don’t think there’s any preparation for someone like you though.”

“Huh? Someone like me?”

“You dropped a bombshell on me. I hope you don’t do that often.”

She chuckled. “I can honestly say I’ve never done that to anyone else, ever.”

“Lucky me.”

She smiled. “I hope so.”
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