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Aug 8, 2014

Cover Reveal - Before the Dawn by Emma Weylin

Cover & Excerpt

Before the Dawn by Emma Weylin
Secret Blood Book Two

Before The DawnSamantha Moore doesn’t know she’s a werewolf. For years she believed she was a monster until a hot stranger walks into her father’s bar. With the promise of a better life and freedom from a cage, she decides to trust her animal instincts.

Nicodemus Wolcott works for the shape-shifter Tribunal. When he goes to investigate a report of a distressed shifter, he doesn’t expect to find his mate. He can teach his she wolf how to be a werewolf, but his one chance at love could be lost when nothing turns out as it seemed.

The night of the full moon has always been her worst fear. Then Samantha meets wolf-shifter Nicodemus, and his sweet promises of better days and even hotter nights give her hope for the future. But then, the truth is revealed…

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Werewolves
Release Date: July 14, 2014
Liquid Silver Books
Excerpt & More

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Samantha rushed the tray of dirty lunch plates back to the kitchen. There wasn’t a crowd. She didn’t know if she should wish for the busy times or hate them. When the bar was full, Leon left her alone to work. When it was dead, like now, he delighted in terrifying her, but there was no one to see her if she lost control.

She was different. A freak. And tonight was a full moon. The change to her appearance would come easier today, and Leon would lock her in the basement to make sure she didn’t hurt anyone when the moon reached its peak.

She set the tray on the counter and turned toward the door. Leon would be pissed if she didn’t get the dishes into the dishwasher, but he’d also be furious if she wasn’t at the bar if a customer came in. They were slowly gaining regulars. They’d been open for a week, but business was good. They had a few more customers every day. It had to make Leon happy. They’d had to move again, because of her. She’d gotten out two full moons ago, and someone ended up dead.

She couldn’t remember when she changed into a creature, but Leon would find her in the woods covered in dirt and blood the next morning, and he’d move her again. This was the fourth time in as many years. The potions he’d given her since her thirteenth birthday weren’t working anymore.

The monster came out when she wasn’t looking. She was able to control enough of it where she’d only have fangs and claws, but if anyone saw her, Leon would kill them. No one could know his daughter was a freak, and it was her fault seven people had died because she couldn’t control herself on a full moon. She glanced at the steak knives on the counter. One slice in the right place, and she could end her nightmare existence. If she couldn’t heal herself, but she could. Every injury she’d ever gotten was healed over by the next morning, even when Leon had to teach her a lesson about not hurting people.

She let out a slow breath when the bell on the door sounded. She wiped her hands on her apron and rushed out of the kitchen. The scent of hot, raw male hit her nose, and she staggered with the sudden bolt of lust ripping through her body. She whimpered and straightened herself.

With a fixed smile on her face, she rushed behind the bar before chancing a look at the two men who came into the room. Scent drove her mad. It was everywhere, and she couldn’t get away from it or forget it. She did a quick adjustment of her outfit. Men gave better tips if they thought there was a chance to get laid. Not that Leon ever let her do it with anyone or keep more tips than what she needed to pay her expenses, but if she didn’t have enough to give him, he would become angry.

“Hello, um…” She swallowed hard when she looked up into sienna-golden eyes and lost her ability to breathe. She fanned herself and stepped back. It wasn’t enough. She grabbed a hand full of ice, rubbed it along her collarbone, and then pulled her hair up and ran it across the back of her neck. She gritted her teeth together and turned back to the customers. “Sorry. I think our air conditioning is broken.”

“G’mork,” the shorter but stockier of the two said. “Totally not fair.”

The one with the sienna-golden eyes and tall, fighter build appeared as stunned as she felt. He blinked a few times, and then a slow, sensual smile curved the corner of his mouth. “It must be. My name is Nicodemus Wolcott, and this is Ozz Kendell. We’re looking for someone, and we were wondering if you could help us.”

She dropped what was left of the ice into her cleavage and plastered a smile back onto her face. “I’m sorry, but the boss’ rules are we can’t answer questions unless you have a badge. If you have one, I’d be happy to help.”

The door of the backroom office burst open, and Leon came out in a fit of fury. “Samantha, go downstairs. Now.”
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