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Jun 20, 2014

Cover Reveal - Succubus Academy by Jacqueline Sweet

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Succubus Academy by Jacqueline Sweet
The Reluctant Succubus Book Three

Caught between desire and love, Sarah Mayhew searches for control.

The darkness within her rages and brings her ever closer to oblivion.

The demon No Name offers a solution, but it comes at a terrible price.

With the help of the demon and her sometimes-boyfriend, sometimes-sex slave Alec, Sarah travels to the shadowy world of Erebus, to the Palace of Sighs, where the Succubus Queen dwells.

The Succubus Academy offers Sarah the only chance she has to master her powers and to contain her desire, but is she already too far gone for help?

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Succubus, Demons, BDSM, Magic, Mind control
Release Date: Coming Soon
Guilty Treasures Press
Excerpt & More

The Academy stretches on forever, in all directions. Tera explains it all with a wave of her hand. “Magic,” she says. “And we’ve done a lot of work here to make the walls between this world and the next as thin as possible, so more of the emotional energy comes to us. The whole palace is designed to be a net that catches and focuses the energy and stores it.”

“It’s a dream catcher for orgasms,” I say and Tera laughs a delightful little laugh like tinkling bells. Her laugh makes my toes curl in the best way possible.

She leads me down a hallway that resembles an old New England boarding school with antique oak walls and wainscoting, fancy doors with the class names etched in the glass like “Bondage 101” and “Introduction to Hands-Free Orgasms” and “Demon Summoning for Fun and Profit.” The variety of classes continues and my head spins as we pass other students.

They’re not all women—though women are the vast majority. It’s maybe four women to every one man. One passes us dressed like a sexy nun, another looks like a slutty Martha Stewart, and there’s a Beyonce-lookalike, and a biker chick, and one who looks exactly like Cleopatra. It’s like I’m at the best Halloween party ever and everyone is dressed their hottest. Me, I’m naked , which I sort of didn’t realize until now. Totally stark naked, except for a thin chain about my waist and wrists that Tera holds the other end of.

The Succubus Queen leads me around her school naked, on a leash. And I don’t mind at all.
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