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Apr 21, 2014

Cover Reveal - Vengeance of a Witch by Suza Kates

Cover, Excerpt & Book Trailer

Vengeance of a Witch by Suza Kates
The Savannah Coven series Book Eight

VengeanceOfAWitch_front_72A Warrior Fighting Her Fate…

Paige Reilley is ready for combat, with the evil Amara, their army of demons, and above all . . . the unwanted love her coven’s prophecy has planned for her. As former-military, she’s no stranger to war, but the arrival of a new man in her life brings a much greater threat than potential romance.

A Man Who Brings Her Truth…

Chris Decker was recently discharged from the Ranger Battalion stationed near Savannah. Once he spotted Paige, however, he had a brand new mission. She’s the one woman he’s searched for most of his life, but the news he carries is sure to destroy her.

A Destiny That Will Fool Them Both…

Facing confrontation on all sides, Paige and Chris agree to become allies and deliver justice to those most deserving. Neither gives a second thought to the attraction growing between them, but fighting against love may be their fiercest battle yet.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Witches, Magic, Demons, Shifters, Succubi
Release Date: April 1, 2013
Icasm Press

Trailer, Excerpt & More

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Maybe it was the warm rumble of his voice or the teasing in his smile, or the fact he’d hammered her with those green eyes while saying “physical exertions.” Whatever the case, Chris’s hand sent a shock of heat from where he grasped her arm that rolled to her chest and then down to her belly where it circled pleasantly.

“Right. Food.” She’d been reduced to caveman-speak.

Carefully, she tugged herself free so her brain would return to functionality. She tried to make the move seem normal and not the scared-rabbit reaction it actually was.

She’d been with men, of course she had. She was a healthy, make that a supremely healthy woman in her twenties, and sex wasn’t a bad form of recreation. She’d always chosen wisely, though, and had never, ever let complex emotion or simple lust dictate who she took to bed.

But the exquisite ache resulting from Chris’s touch left Paige stunned and a little bit shaken. Not surprising, since up until this very second she’d been relegating him to the off-limits category.

Especially since she would be spending so much time with him during her trial.

Just when she thought she was free, Chris let his hand slide down to hers. He held on firmly. “Paige,” he whispered.

She was fixated on his hand and how he was holding hers in place. With any other man, she could toss the grip aside as easily as blowing a piece of lint.

But not with Chris.

Even though he wasn’t exerting his strength, she could sense it just beneath the surface. Like her, he was always buzzing with untapped ferocity.

She’d never believed there was a man in this world who could be her physical equal, but Chris was more than able to meet her toe to toe. In any arena.

And the mental images she conjured gave her a secret thrill.
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