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Mar 20, 2014

Cover Reveal - Overcome by Annmarie McKenna

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Overcome by Annmarie McKenna

Is it fate or sabotage? With a love this hot, does it matter?

Anna Belky happily walked away from her ex, the lying cheating bastard she caught in her own bed with Miss “Candy Apple.” Anna’s supposed to be getting her revenge by being deliriously happy with a new job and a beautiful house on the lake.

Instead she finds herself without financial resources and homeless when someone sabotages her perfect new life. And even weirder, two strangers invite her to live with them, both of them, and be their love. Two sexy and way-too-hot-for-their-own-good strangers.

Marc Newberry and Colton Montross are half-brothers and the ruling alphas of the local shifter pack. Imagine their surprise when they discover the house they just bought belongs to the one woman in the world fated to be their shared mate. Of course, she has her quirks, like chattering on about nothing when she gets nervous, she won’t follow orders worth a damn, and has even dug a hole in their backyard. (continued...)

Excerpt & More

(...continued) Despite these glitches, the trio’s shared bond is hot enough to melt the polar icecap, and their growing love for each other is undeniable. But their mating could only be a fleeting joy. As the bad luck following Anna begins to grow from annoying to downright dangerous, will they survive to meet Fate’s demands?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Werewolf, Ménage, M/F/M, Comtemporary
Release Date: March 6, 2014
Taliesin Publishing

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Marc snorted, and with one more caress of his thumb over the knot on her forehead, stood and turned to Jackson. “You deserved to get barfed on, dumbshit. Didn’t your mama teach you better than to treat females with such disrespect?”

“Yes, sir.” Jackson’s cheeks were ruddy with embarrassment. He fidgeted with his hat, ready to bolt at the word go. “I didn’t know she was your mate, Alphas.”

“No one does. We just found her today.” Colton stepped closer to the couch.

“And since we haven’t even spoken to her yet, you’ll do well to keep your mouth closed until further notice. Do we understand each other, Jackson?” Marc crossed his arms over his chest and begged Jackson to say anything other than yes.


“Good. Now get out of here. Oh, and where’s her car?”

Jackson stopped his quick retreat from the lieutenant’s office where they’d taken Anna to lay on the couch when she’d fallen off the chair, and swallowed. “Probably already at the pound. I called it in right after I stopped her for speeding and learned the car had been reported.”

“Fine. We’ll take care of it.” William Shine ran the pound, and he was one of theirs. They’d have no problem retrieving Anna’s SUV. In fact he watched Colton pull his phone from his pocket and dial before Jackson had completely exited.

Now their mate was sacked out on the couch, dead to the world after one of their paramedics had given her a shot of something for the pain. Must have been one hell of a headache to make her throw up and pass out on the floor. Having never suffered from such a burden, he couldn’t comprehend.

“How often do you think this happens to her?” Colton kneeled next to the couch after his quick phone call and stared at Anna. Marc could tell his brother wanted very much to touch her.

“Hell if I know. Not too much, I hope to God.”

“Zach went through her purse and found a bottle of prescription pills.” Colton gave in to temptation and drew a finger slowly down the skin of Anna’s arm. “That means it happens enough she has to carry it with her. Damn thing was just filled two weeks ago, and he said there were two missing. He also found an epi-pen, which means she has some kind of severe allergy to something. We’ll have to find out what and be hyper-aware until we can mate her.”

“Damn. On both counts. Thank God for shifter DNA. It’s always made human mates healthier and live longer in the past, so it should help with this also.”

“I sure as shit hope so. I won’t be able to stand watching her be in pain.”

Anna moaned and curled into her hands beneath one cheek. A second later she grimaced and opened one eye. It blinked several times at them, as if trying to decide if she really saw two men standing in front of her or had double vision.

“Am I in prison?”

Colton threw his head back and laughed while Marc joined him again in his kneeling position.

Anna reared backward. “I really don’t see anything funny with going to jail.” Her eyebrows lowered and swiped a hand across her forehead. “Where am I, how long have I been here, and why do I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck? And why is there cotton on my tongue?” Pushing her tongue in and out, trying to moisten it, she made a move to sit up, and both Colton and Marc took an arm to help her.

“At the Grundy County police station, a couple hours, and probably because you conked your head on the floor. There’s a pretty good goose egg there now. As for the cotton, that’s most likely due to whatever the medic gave you for pain. Apparently you were pretty vocal after you fell off your chair.”

She blinked again when Marc finished. “Who are you?”

“Marc Newberry.” He offered his hand when he would have much rather pulled her into his arms and kissed her senseless. If he didn’t think she’d take immediate offense, he would have.

Her gaze lasered into him for a moment and then shifted to Colton. “And you, Detective Albatross, what are you doing here?”

Colton growled, which had Anna backing up again and sucking in a breath. “A: my name is Montross. Colton Montross. B: this is my station, the one I’m assigned to, and C: I’m here because Officer Jackson called me when you mentioned my name to him.”

Anna frowned. “I did not… Hmm…” Her top teeth came out to bite into her lower lip. “Okay, so maybe I did say something to the effect that you stole my house.”

“I didn’t steal anything.” Colton’s wolf was close to coming out; Marc could tell by the way the other alpha’s eyes started to glow.

“Says you.” Anna’s voice rose as did she. At least she tried, but her knees buckled before she could stand all the way, and she flopped back on the couch.

“Anna.” Marc determined now was the best time to step in to avoid either Colton losing control to his wolf or one of them deciding to bite into her delectable little neck and marking her for all to see. Neither seemed a good idea at this particular moment in time.

“We had no idea there were two people who owned the house when we bought it. If we had, we most certainly would have had all parties sign the paperwork or not taken it.” He stood, towering over her.

She crossed her arms, and honest to God, pouted. And his cock hardened. Damn. She was going to have them wrapped around her little fingers in no time.

“By the way, I teach at Bravo Elementary too, so…welcome.”

Anna scrunched her nose. “If I don’t find someplace to live, I won’t be teaching there at all.” Her imploring gaze lifted to search both of their faces. “I was supposed to start over in that house. He just gave me his key on Friday, said, ‘here, have the house. We don’t need it.’ And I was going to bleach away all traces of Candy Apple and live there for good, not just on the weekends, and I came to plant a tree Peter always said I couldn’t put there, and then I find you there, living in my house with your barbecue pit on my deck, and my apartment’s lease is up in less than a week, and I just got this job, and now I have no place to live and no tree in the yard of my perfect house with my perfect windows looking out over the perfect lake.”

She gave a girly squeal of a sob, fell sideways onto the arm of the couch, and Marc shared an identical what-the-hell-are-we-supposed-to-do-with-that look with Colton, because never in all his thirty-three years had he ever had to deal with this kind of problem.
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