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Feb 24, 2014

Cover Reveal - The Secret Life of an Invisible Girl by Amie DeVere

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

The Secret Life of an Invisible Girl
by Amie DeVere

The unnamed heroine of this confessional story hides her sexuality with efficiency as a legal assistant in a criminal defense firm and is caught off guard by the handsome new prosecutor assigned to one of her firm’s cases.

Seeing her and through her, John Hawkins shares her desire, but the two are kept apart by ethical rules. Thus challenged, they find ways to explore their passion until a lawyer in her firm discovers the relationship and attempts to blackmail her. In response, she devises a plan to get rid of the lawyer for good. How far will she go to get what she wants?

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Legal, Lawyers
Release Date: November 7, 2013
Secret Cravings Publishing
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For the next week I was useless, worse than useless, and destructive. Wanting a man in general was by far easier to deal with than wanting a man in particular. I was stuck in that torture of self-inflicted elation and despair, shifting from fantasy to reality and back again. I was giddy with incompetence. I tried to convince myself I had not lost my mind, and it would take an apocalypse to drag me back to that den of demons and now temptation that comprised the DA’s office.

Even in my useless state, my boss wanted me to attend the hearing. We walked into the courtroom and over to the defense table in front of the judge’s bench. John Hawkins was still assigned to the case. He stood behind the prosecutor’s table, turned when we came in, and smiled. My heart beat faster, a presto tempo pulsing in my ears. My palms got sweaty, I blushed, my nipples hardened, and I felt a pulling in my groin. My body deserted me utterly, running off in wild excitement while I tried to maintain composure. I had not seen him for a week and thought the separation would make seeing him again easier. It only made it worse, much worse.

My boss looked through our file. “Could you get copies of the drug certificates from the DA?” He may as well have asked me to get a handful of fire from hell. I walked over to the prosecutor’s table and steeled myself for battle. DAs were notorious for getting drug certificates in late. It wasn’t their fault. The crime lab was always backed up and with recent budget cuts, the delays were worse than they had ever been. The DAs took the blame anyway. They were responsible for the Commonwealth’s case.

“Do you have the copies of the drug certificates?” I asked, stern and serious, all business.

“I think I saw them in here.” He smiled and started leafing through his files.

I watched him handle the papers, long slender fingers pinching the corners of the pages. I had to look away.

“How have you been?” he asked, concentrating on his task.

“I’ve been better.”

He stopped and looked at me in a way that made me suspect he could read my mind. I smiled in self-defense and in the next moment surrender.

“I haven’t forgotten,” he said, his own smile lighting up his face.

“Drug…certificates.” I pointed to the file.

“Right.” He returned to his search, but could not find them. The result was a one-month continuance of the case. The world was conspiring against me.
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