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Dec 3, 2013

Cover Reveal - Rabbit Creek Santa by Jacqueline Rhoades

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Rabbit Creek Santa
by Jacqueline Rhoades

Wolver series Book 3.5 - A Wolver Christmas Novella

Rabbit Creek SantaThings are going well in Rabbit Creek. Elizabeth has taken her duties as the Alpha's Mate to heart and as the story opens, that heart is breaking for the loneliness and isolation of one of her pack. It's Christmas Eve and no one should be lonely at Christmas.

Lindy doesn't feel like she has much to celebrate. After two years of widowhood, she can barely make ends meet without the aid of her pack and while her inner wolf is ready to move on, Lindy isn't sure she can let go of the past.

New to the pack, Travis had party plans for the Holidays, but he ends up playing Santa to a pretty little widow and her pup. She's not what he was looking for, but she's exactly what he wants and his inner wolf agrees. Now all he has to do is convince Lindy that Christmas gifts aren't always the ones you find under the tree.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Wolves, Shifters
Release Date: November 30, 2013
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"What does your father say to all this?"

"When it comes to women, you just can't win," Travis said in the same deep tone he'd used in the kitchen. He smiled as Lindy laughed and then he said, "You should laugh more often. It looks good on you." Ignoring Lindy's blush, he pointed to a little gold colored box she held in her hands. "What's that?"

Lindy held it so he could see the opening cut in the front. "It's Joey's First Christmas. My mother sent it. He was just ten weeks old and Joe had been gone for less than a year. I didn't have the heart…" Her fingers worked the box open, but she didn't pass the ornament to Travis. Instead, she pushed the wrapping papers on her lap onto the sofa and went to the tree to hang it herself.

"And now you do," he said softly, standing by her side.

Travis reached back for the last ornament in the box. Wrapped in blue tissue paper, she'd been pushing it off to the side and avoiding it. He was pretty sure he knew what it was.

"No," Lindy said, holding up her hand, "That one stays in the box." She shook her head. "It's a part of the past I don't want to remember."

"But you do remember, every time you look at Joey. Was he a good man, a good wolver?"

"Yes," she whispered, "He was good to me and would have been a good father to Joey." And she was sorry he was gone and wouldn't get to enjoy the good things he deserved.

Travis put his arm around her and pulled her in close to his side.

"Look at your tree, Lindy. Your first Christmas, Joey's first Christmas, the angel you made, even those ugly plastic poinsettia things that you thought were beautiful when you were eight, the faded ornaments from your parent's trees when they were young. This tree is filled with your history and now Joey's. It's filled with memories and that's what makes it beautiful."

"Joey never knew him," she said sadly for both of them.

"All the more reason to hang it on the tree." He unwrapped the glass ball and held it up in front of her. On it was a simple design of a red front door outlined in holly with a wreath in the center. Our First Christmas was written in script with the date below and below that, Joe & Lindy.

"In a few years, Joey will be helping to decorate. You'll tell him the stories of the ornaments just like you told me. It will give you the chance to tell Joey about the man who was his father and Joey will know his dad was loved and remembered."
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