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Dec 14, 2013

Cover Reveal - Druid’s Wish by Emma Weylin

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Druid’s Wish by Emma Weylin
Love Cursed Book Two

Be careful what you wish for is an adage Bran Lawson knows all too well. When he finds the one woman he knows he can’t live without, he does the unthinkable to keep her … he makes a wish for her love. But the gods are capricious, and wishing for her love may just lead to their destruction.

Bran Lawson is an ancient druid under a faery curse. When he encounters a half-faery woman, he feels the draw of a mate. Wanting the happiness denied to him for so long, he does the one thing he thought he’d never do. He asks the gods for help.

Irresistibly drawn to Bran, Kenna Fitzpatrick discovers he is her mate. When given the chance to free him from his curse, giving one more person the chance to abandon her, she must choose between her heart’s desire and giving Bran his freedom.

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Content/Theme(s): Immortals, Fae, Druids, Warriors, Celtic Gods
Release Date: November 25, 2013
Liquid Silver Books
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Her eyes rolled. “Sure, He-Man. I’m just going to let you see my brand of crazy without knowing yours first.”

His face was in hers in the next second. “Exactly how many people wouldn’t cart you off to the nearest padded room because you think you have bloodthirsty Druids hunting you?”

Instinct sometimes played hell with her common sense. “The same number who wouldn’t call the police on giant warriors who watch women sleep?”

He righted and barked out a laugh. “Fair enough.” The humor drained from his expression. “How long have you had this Druid problem?”

She cringed. “Three years?”

He made something akin to a growling sound. “You’re asking me?”

“No.” She heard a slight whine in her tone. “I thought you’d freak out when I said it.”

“I am,” he said, deadpan. “You just can’t see it. How old are you?”

Why it mattered, she didn’t care. She sighed and decided telling him couldn’t hurt. “Twenty-six. Why does it matter so freaking much?”

“Shit,” he said as he took to pacing in front of her.

“What’s wrong with my age?”

“Nothing,” he snapped as he stopped in front of her. His face was suddenly close enough to her that she could feel his warm breath on her cheek. “Do you know what you are?”

Her body started to tremble from both a tingle of fear and the need to throw herself at him. “I don’t want to be what I am.”

His hands captured her face, and his eyes locked onto hers. “Kenna.” He breathed her name. “I can help you.”

She knew he could. It was one of those strange instinctual feelings she had. Her fingers curled around his wrists as she stared into his dark eyes. “Why, Bran? Why would you help me?”
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