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Oct 26, 2013

Cover Reveal - A Promise Worth Making by Michelle Alerte

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

A Promise Worth Making
by Michelle Alerte

Love At First Sight Book One

Dr. Rachelle Joseph has no time to dally with a man. She is on her way to Haiti to contribute her medical expertise in the aftermath of the earthquake. Having grown up in New York in an orphanage, neither fostered nor adopted, independent Rachelle has recently discovered her Haitian heritage and seeks to embrace it. But life throws her a curveball. On the plane to Port-au-Prince, Rachelle meets Nicolas Marchand, a handsome French architect who, for some reason, gets her heart racing!

Nicolas’ father had always told him that the Marchand men were “gifted with knowing, when they know, that they know” when they meet the woman with whom they’ll fall in love. Though this had been true for his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, Nicolas had never truly believed this would happen to him, until Rachelle Joseph that is.

The hard part now is convincing the lucky lady that the two of them belong together in spite of Rachelle’s trust issues and fear of depending on another person. Will Rachelle overcome her determination to keep control of her life by shutting Nico out, or will he persuade her that loving and trusting another person is better than living only on the surface of life?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Medical, Interracial, Multicultural
Release Date: October 7, 2013
Liquid Silver Books

Excerpt & More

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“American Airlines flight 2850 to Port-au-Prince, Haiti is now boarding.” Rachelle immediately closed her medical magazine, Pediatrics, and tucked it into her carry-on. She shifted her black Coach purse onto her shoulder and stood. Although delays had made it necessary to wait an additional hour at the airport, Rachelle shook off her impatience and left room for only anticipation. Dressed in dark blue jeans and a white tank top underneath a tan cardigan that complemented her milk-chocolate skin, Rachelle knew she personified “young and successful pediatrician traveling happily to and fro” to perfection. While waiting for her boarding section to be called, she smoothed her hand over her shoulder-length locks, held back by a matching tan headband, and grabbed the handle of her carry-on. This is it, she thought, excitement zinging through her. Well, almost it, she amended, taking in the slow pace at which the airplane seating zones were being called to board.

This would be her first trip to her home country, or rather, her mother’s home country. Considering she had only made contact with her blood relatives two years ago, curiosity made Rachelle willing to endure a lot worse to get to Haiti. She was going to help the Humanity Relief Organization, or H.R.O. for short, give much needed medical attention to the survivors of the recent earthquake. Those sobering facts naturally dimmed Rachelle’s joy. As usual, when the reason behind her trip threatened to overwhelm her, Rachelle quickly recalled that she had the exact tools necessary to be a resource during this time of crisis.

“Zone two may now board.” The overhead announcement snapped Rachelle from her thoughts, and with a burst of energy, she headed toward the boarding line.

After forcefully shoving her carry-on into the overhead compartment, Rachelle smiled at the woman sitting in the seat next to her, before collapsing back in her assigned seat to watch as other passengers moved past. She had felt a moment of irritation when she thought her carry-on would have to be checked. However, now seated with the crisis averted, she had a small laugh over how she must have looked using all five feet, two inches of her body strength to huff and puff her way toward making the luggage fit.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry.”

Rachelle felt a slight bump against her shoulder and heard the words spoken at the same time. Leaning farther into her seat, she looked up to assure the person it was okay, and a pair of hazel eyes so light there seemed to be flecks of gold in them captured her.

“Yes,” she mumbled senselessly and caught the man’s wide smile before he continued past.

Fighting the urge to crane her neck around and take in his retreating back, Rachelle settled properly into her seat. As more passengers streamed by, she replayed the instant her eyes had connected with the stranger’s, and the inexplicable way her heart had seemed to leap from her chest. Shaking her head, Rachelle pulled her Pediatrics magazine from her purse and brought her attention back to what was important. Her trip wasn’t a vacation. And anyway suddenly discovering a family and cultural identity was more than enough change for her. Rachelle didn’t need any more surprises in her life. This was certainly no time to be distracted by beautiful eyes and an even more devastatingly handsome smile. Not that anything could really distract her. She was nothing if not focused and practical, the very traits that had pushed her to succeed while in medical school. Making a sound of irritation, Rachelle brought her wayward attention back to the medical journal she held in her lap. The blurred words snapped back into focus. Get it together, woman, she thought, before deciding to give up the pretense. Folding the magazine in her lap, Rachelle closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the headrest and allowed her thoughts to drift.
Purchase links:   Liquid Silver Books    Amazon    ARe    Kobo    B&N

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