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Sep 10, 2013

Cover Reveal - Tainted by Christina Phillips

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Tainted by Christina Phillips

A dangerous love that Rome will never allow...

Driven by the knowledge he failed to protect his king and embittered at losing the woman he loves, Celtic warrior Gawain despises the lust he feels for the beautiful Roman patrician, Antonia. She is everything he's never wanted in a woman, yet she ignites his passion like no other. Despite the danger of discovery he embarks on an illicit liaison with her, determined to uncover the reason for the infinite sorrow that haunts her eyes.

Newly arrived in Britannia from Rome, Antonia is inexplicably drawn to the cold, tough Celt whose touch stirs a desire she long thought died at the hands of her brutal former husband. With Gawain she learns the pleasure of sex and his unexpected tenderness thaws her frozen heart. But she hides a deadly secret that could be her undoing, and knows her growing feelings for him can lead nowhere. Yet when a shadow from her past threatens her future Antonia is torn between the Empire of her birth and betraying Gawain, the man she's grown to love.

Inside Scoop: This medieval romance dabbles a wee bit in the paranormal.

Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
Release Date: August 28, 2013
Ellora's Cave
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Once again, he swung her around and crushed her against the wall. This time he held her immobile with his body and cradled her face with his hands. She didn’t scream, didn’t try to escape. Just gazed up at him and for an eternal moment he forgot why he was mad at her.

Brutally he pulled his bewitched senses back together. “What didn’t you expect?” He grazed her delicate skin with the pads of his thumbs and battled the urge to spear his fingers through her hair. “That I’d want to fuck you at the first possible opportunity?”

Beneath his palms, he felt her face heat. And despite himself, the notion that his coarse words had made her blush entranced him. How was it possible for her to manufacture such a response?

“That isn’t what I meant.” Her voice was soft, but he detected no tremble. “I thought you would wish to make suitable arrangements for a—an assignation.”

He was suddenly aware that he had Antonia shoved up against a rough stone wall. That at any moment they might be discovered.

That he was behaving like the barbarian Rome accused his people of being.

He didn’t care if she thought he was a barbarian. It was likely for that very reason she wanted him in her arms in the first place. And yet the realization that he was acting in such a manner irked him on a fundamental level he couldn’t fathom.

Why did he find it so hard to maintain his control with Antonia? Curse the gods, this woman was making him think too fucking much. All he wanted was to slake his lust. All she wanted was an illicit liaison before her father arranged another marriage for her. He was more than willing to oblige, but he had no intention of wasting his time playing an elaborate game of wooing and uttering meaningless pretty words. If that’s what she enjoyed then she could find herself a sweet-tongued Roman with whom to pass her idle hours.

Even as the thought seared his brain, he knew the truth. He would likely give Antonia a measure of what she desired, if it ensured she would part her thighs. The knowledge infuriated him as much as it aroused him.

“Tell me something. Is it honeyed words you seek—or this?” He jammed his rigid length against her vulnerable pussy, fighting the need to rip her gown from her and take her where she stood. The image seared his mind, caused his blood to smolder with frustrated need.

Her erratic breath fanned his face. It shouldn’t affect him at all and yet every heated gasp stoked his lust with fiery torment.

“I have no need of honeyed words.” Her uneven confession enflamed as much as if she’d grasped his cock in the palm of her hand. “Flattery means nothing to me. I only seek a—a momentary diversion with you.”

His grin felt feral, but he couldn’t prevent it as renewed desire pumped through his veins and gripped his vitals in a punishing embrace.

“Prove it.” His mouth brushed hers, a fleeting kiss that burned his lips. “Tell your father Carys invited you to visit with her later this day. Meet me at the villa at the ninth hour and show me how much of a diversion you wish me to be.”
Purchase links:   Ellora's Cave    Amazon    ARe    B&N

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