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Aug 26, 2013

Cover Reveal - Key Party by Jayne Kingston

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Key Party by Jayne Kingston
Mischievous Matchmaker Book One

After five years of living abroad, Rachel has returned to Chicago. As a welcome-home present, one of her best friends throws a ‘70s-style key party. A night of mingling and anonymous sex with one of Petra’s hunky friends seems perfect.

Petra knows about the crush Rachel had on Ben in college, and she rigs the game so Rachel ends up with the very fine young doctor. But Petra doesn’t know the whole story. Rachel never told her friend about the scorching-hot make-out session that is now Rachel’s go-to sexual fantasy.

And neither of them could know Ben is more than looking forward to showing Rachel every carnal moment she missed when she left without finishing what they’d started that night.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 5, 2013
Ellora’s Cave
Excerpt & More

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He was circling her, moving around her slowly as though he was a great dark wolf sizing her up, his prey. As much as she wanted to the clothes to go flying and the fucking to begin, she was enjoying the way he was drawing out the moment.

“I think Petra rigged the game,” Rachel said, her stomach a riot of butterflies. She was hyper-aware of her nipples pushing against the silky lining of her dress and the aching throb between her legs.

“I think you might be right,” he answered, pulling his hand out of his pocket and holding it toward her, palm up. His key fob sat in the middle with a puffy star sticker attached to the back.

“Damn kiddie nurse and her stickers,” she muttered, and he smiled.

A long moment passed with him looking as though he was going to spring at any moment and her becoming increasingly wobbly on her heels.

“We don’t have to do this, Ben,” she offered, suddenly and hugely embarrassed to have been so obviously set up by her friend. The fact that he remembered her was one thing. Still wanting anything to do with her after the way she’d run out on him that night back in college and then never contacted him again was another.

For as nervous as she was to finally have him in her bedroom, the absolute last thing she wanted was for him to back out and leave. How many years had she been replaying the night they’d made out on his couch in her head? How many times had she imagined going back to finish what they’d started while touching herself in the small shower of her cabin on the ship, or in the bathroom alone while Neal slept contentedly after leaving her wanting more?

Really, there were too many times to count.

“Oh, no,” he taunted, moving around her again. “I’m not letting you get away so easily this time,” he breathed close to her ear.

She could feel the heat of his body against her back. His fingertips brushed her neck just below her hairline. Her nipples tightened, her skin rippled with goose bumps and a fresh wave of heat rolled out from her core.

“You and I have some unfinished business to attend to, don’t we?” he asked, trailing a single fingertip down her spine. Her eyes closed, her entire being focused on his touch moving under the back of her dress, sliding across her skin until it hooked one thin strap and slipped it off her shoulder.

With one side of her dress just barely hanging on by her hard nipple, she pulled herself up straight and forced herself to look him in the eye as he moved in front of her again. “I guess we do.”

“Good.” One corner of his mouth curled. “So tell me, Rachel, why did you run out that night?”

How could she tell him she’d been an inexperienced twenty-year-old, more frightened than curious about the erection grinding against her through their clothes?

An erection that had seemed preposterously huge to a virginal college girl.

“I got nervous,” she whispered.

“Are you nervous now?” His eyes dropped to her mouth when he touched just the tips of his fingers to her lower lip.

She simply looked at him, the trembling in her belly growing by degrees, before she shook her head no.

“And how did Petra know you and I might want to end up together tonight?” His fingers traveled over her jaw and down her neck. He paused to finger the hollow at the base of her throat before moving to the precariously low neckline of her dress.

“She might have known I had a bit of a thing for you back in the day.”

Rachel’s breath hitched when he tucked his fingers into her dress and moved toward her breast. She shivered when the backs of his fingers grazed her nipple. His breath escaped in a rush as the fabric came free, exposing her.

Forget drawing out the moment. She wanted to rip open his pants, free his cock she could see straining against the flat front and beg him to fuck her hard and fast. Instead she stood there, arms at her side, letting him cradle her breast in his palm, his thumb brushing over the hard peak, making her tremble visibly now.

“Are you going to run away again tonight?” he asked, dragging the other strap off her shoulder. Her dress slid down her body to the floor. He took in the sight of her, naked now except for the small white lace panties and her heels, and groaned deeply.

She shook her head in response, her body reacting vividly to the sound he’d made.

“Good girl.” He reached behind his head, gripped his shirt by the collar and pulled it off in one smooth motion.

He was unbelievably gorgeous—broad-shouldered, defined but not bulky, sleek through the waist with his pants sitting low on his hips, showing nearly every inch of his taut man belly.

His hand came back up to cradle the back of her head. The other slid around her back, pressing them together, chest to chest, skin on bare skin.

A lusty sigh bubbled up out of her throat as he covered her lower lip with that beautiful mouth of his. She could taste the lime from his drink on his tongue when he touched it to her lip, prompting her to part hers and let him inside. Her whimper when he tightened his fingers in her hair, angled her head just a little and sank deep into the kiss was one of pure submission.

Merciful God in heaven, she was finally naked in Ben Richards’ arms.
Purchase links:   This book is temporarily unavailable. Check back soon for updates.
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