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May 27, 2013

Cover Reveal - Soul Mates by Sandy Wolters

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Soul Mates by Sandy Wolters

Pulled back through time, Shandelle is caught between an enduring love and a wizard’s magic.

In the beginning of time, one soul splits into two. Lifetime after lifetime, the two souls are reborn and seek to reunite. Like a beacon of light from heaven above, their light shines for each other. Without the other, there is only darkness. A wonderful blessing that can only come from a deeply-bonded love, the sharing of one soul can also be a black curse if something disrupts the moment of their coming together.

Ireland 1323 - Donovan, chieftain of the Clan O'Brien, has unsuccessfully searched his entire adult life, to the detriment of his clan and all those around him, for that elusive possession that will bring his soul peace. He doesn't know what it is, but he will give up everything to find it. One day, he is summoned by the Wizard and told the secret of his obsession—his soul mate. She is no longer living in his time, but there is a way to bring her back to him.

Phoenix 2013 - Shandelle and Ian are embarking on their new life together. She is everything Ian ever wanted but never realized he needed before he met her. Shandelle is a generous soul who lives to make Ian and everyone around her happy. Unfortunately for them both, evil is stalking them. The blood bond duty of a close friend brings betrayal and evil into their lives. How were they to know that the death of a six-year-old girl in the early fourteenth century could have such grave consequences on their lives today?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2013


Excerpt & More

Phoenix, Arizona 2013
Fully dressed and lying on the bed, Shandelle stretched her hand out to touch Ian as he walked by, her thoughts returning to the passion of moments before. The doorbell rang, bringing her back to the present. She sat up. "Hey, I have a great idea. Why don't we spend my birthday in bed?"

Sitting down next to her, Ian pulled Shandelle into his lap. "I can't think of a better way to spend the day, but your friends are on our front doorstep, waiting to take you on a girls’ day out."

The doorbell rang again. He kissed the top of her head and with humor in his voice, said, "Go let them in before they tear the door down looking for you." He lifted her to her feet and slapped her on the butt to get her moving.

She opened the door to her two closest friends in the world and gave them a pathetic look. "I'm really sick. I don't think I'll be able to make it today."

Taylor and Maeve glanced at each other and then back to Shandelle. "Bullshit. You're frickin’ glowing," Taylor said as she squeezed past Shandelle. "You just want to have sex all day. I'm here to tell you that is not an option. Judging by the satisfied grin on your face, you've already had your fair share of the hunky Mr. Brennan today. Maeve and I are taking you out on the town. Breakfast, champagne, shopping, lunch, more champagne, more shopping. It's going to be the very best birthday you've ever had."

Shandelle put her arm around Taylor's shoulder and laughed. "Oh, honey. Has it been so long since you've had great sex that you've forgotten that when you are getting it, you just can't get enough of it?"

Giggling, Maeve worked her way through the doorway. "We need you with us, Shandelle. At the moment, Taylor and I aren't getting any sex at all. It's been a long dry spell for us. You have an obligation to share the joy with your best friends. Details…we want all the details. Nothing but the facts, ma'am."

Ian turned the corner into the entryway and found them in a group hug. "Good morning, ladies. It's nice to see you."

He moved toward them and put his arms lovingly around Shandelle. "I want you ladies to have the best girl day possible." He reached into his pocket and handed a credit card to Taylor. "Anything you want, it's yours. Just treat my sweet, pixie woman to the most special birthday girl's day there is."

Shandelle pulled herself from Ian's arms, and her balled fists flew to her waist. She stood there, glaring at Ian with fire in her eyes. He took a step back. She was cute as hell when she was mad, but a little scary, too. He threw his arms out questioningly. "What did I do?"

"Ian Brennan! Are you in a roundabout way trying to tell me that you have not taken the time to pick up a birthday present for me?" She tilted her head and cocked an eyebrow at him.

He threw his head back and laughed. She gently punched him in the stomach. Hurt by the thought of his not picking out her gift himself, her lips started to quiver, and unshed tears filled her eyes. "I can't believe you didn't take the time to get my birthday gift yourself."

He could see the hurt in her eyes for they always gave her true feelings away. He moved in and wrapped her in his embrace. "Sweetheart, I've had your birthday present for over a month. Of course I picked it out myself."

As she lifted her head to smile at him, she threw her arm out behind her and waved her open hand at Taylor. "Oh, man," Taylor said. "You're going to make me give the platinum card back to him, aren't you?"

Shandelle squeezed Ian one last time before turning to Taylor with her hand outstretched. "Give it over, Taylor." Begrudgingly, Taylor handed the card to Shandelle, who turned to Ian and slipped it back into his pocket. "I want you, Ian, not your money. I make quite a nice living on my own. I appreciate it, but I wouldn't feel comfortable taking your card." She shot him an evil grin. "Especially with these two." Her head bobbed in her best friends’ direction. "We'd probably end up in Greece or Italy."

Everyone laughed at her remark except Ian. Once again, he was reminded just how lucky he was. Looking deeply into her eyes, he knew she spoke the truth. She was the first person to come into his life who didn’t want his money, the first who only wanted his love in return. Nothing more. He was so touched, he couldn't speak.

Taylor chimed in. "Um…watching you two make goo-goo eyes at each other is all very exciting, but we've got places to go, champagne to drink, things to see, people to meet, stuff to buy, more champagne to drink. It's going to be an epic birthday even without the platinum card! Let's get a move on, girls."

Amused by her eagerness, Ian winked at Taylor before he enfolded Shandelle in his arms one last time to feel her warmth against his body. He kissed the top of her head. She tilted her face up toward his and said, "I love you." Even standing on her tiptoes, Ian had to bend down for her to reach his lips. She gave him a soft kiss goodbye.

In all his thirty-three years on this earth, he had never imagined that three little words could mean so much, and he doubted that they would except when they were spoken by this pixie of a woman. She said them a lot, but he wanted her to know that he didn’t take them lightly. His face serious, he held her gaze as he spoke. "I love you, too, my little fairy princess." He would have preferred to give her a mind-numbing kiss but didn't want to embarrass Taylor and Maeve, so he just gave her a little peck. "Now, off with you. Have fun today."

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