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Apr 13, 2013

Cover Reveal - A Riding Crop for Two by Karyn Gerrard

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

A Riding Crop for Two by Karyn Gerrard

Riding Crop Book Two

After a night of passion at her place of employment, an infamous club known as The Riding Crop, Olivia Durham tosses caution to the wind and departs with Gideon ‘Lord Craven’ Broyles. Olivia was known as ‘Mistress Birch’, where she dispensed lashings to her male, aristocratic clients. Now as she sits in the viscount’s plush townhouse, she wonders if she’s made a hasty decision.

Gideon Broyles is a man who selfishly pursued his debauched adventures with no thought for anyone but himself until he met Liv. An emotional plea to share everything has left him reeling. There are many obstacles to overcome, including his own doubts about his capacity to feel—anything.

Is it possible for two emotionally closed off people to find intimacy and lasting love? What lengths will they take to ensure happiness for two?

Genre: Erotic Historical Romance
Release Date: March 13, 2013
Evernight Publishing

Content Note: BDSM

Excerpt & More

It is strongly recommended to read the free The Riding Crop before reading A Riding Crop for Two

Liv stood and left the room for a moment. Gideon unbuttoned his shirt and removed it along with the neck-cloth. He had begun to struggle with his boots when she sauntered in, closing the door behind her. She wore the sheer coral peignoir with the matching coral and gold corset that she’d worn their night together at The Riding Crop. His cock hardened into sword steel. She held the riding crop, tapping it softly in her palm.

He stood and kicked off his boots. She circled him like a lioness scenting her prey. The crop ran up the length of his erection, and he shuddered with desire from the sensation.

“This is all I know. How to tease, to inflame a man’s passions until I strike him. I receive gratification, but it is not sexual in nature. Do you receive sexual pleasure?”

“Hell, yes. Not sure why. Perhaps the reason is that it’s you wielding the crop?” he replied.

Without warning, she flicked the crop across his shoulders. Fuck. A wave of fiery, sensual satisfaction covered him like a rogue wave. A low, ragged groan left his throat. His prick throbbed in his trousers, straining to be free.

“Again?” she teased.

“Absolutely. However, do not draw blood as you did three nights ago.”

Her finger traced the thin line on his lower back. “I am so sorry for this. Will it leave a scar?”

“Christ, I hope so. I like that you marked me. Just don’t make a habit of it.”

Liv leaned down and kissed the scabbed cut. “No. Never again. Only pleasure.”

He gripped the bedpost tight, and his body shook in anticipation for the next blow and the next. Liv was quite skilled, knew just how much to snap her wrist in a tantalizing way to cause absolute gratification with every sting. Ceding control to her felt so right. In all his debauched adventures, he never gave up his command before. Another thwack hit him in the middle of his back, and his heart pounded in absolute joy. Another stinging strike and he moaned loudly. She tapped him on his trouser-clad ass playfully. Gideon whirled around to face her, snatched the crop and tossed it on the bed.

She gazed up at him in genuine puzzlement. “I have no idea what to do next.”

He cupped her face, his thumbs stroking her flushed cheeks. “Then allow me to show you. You will place your trust with me?”

“Yes, Gideon.”

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