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Apr 17, 2013

Cover Reveal - Immortal Distraction by Elizabeth Finn

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Immortal Distraction by Elizabeth Finn
The Immortals Book Two

Immortal DistractionDetective Brit Sutton is the epitome of difficult. As a homicide detective, she learned early on that being a woman in a man’s world required a strong backbone, a harsh tongue, and nerves of steel. But when one of her cases leads her to Angus Scott, she’s finally met her match.

Angus is the head of the council of vampires for the eastern region of the United States, and it is his responsibility to run interference with her investigation when the prime suspect in a string of murders is one of his own.

But Brit is a determined woman, and as much as she’s met her match, Angus has as well.

When his toying games turn from intense attraction to all out obsession, will he be able to stay his course? And when her life becomes threatened by the very suspect Angus is trying to shelter, will he abandon his need to distract her in order to protect her?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 15, 2013
Liquid Silver Books
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Brit paused at one particular piece of art that depicted a warm spring landscape with muted flowers. She stared and let her mind float away to the warmth. She could nearly feel the heat of the sun on her skin, smell the flowers as they gently blew in the wind. She wanted to be there. Not Boston on a cold winter night. She was as tired as ever, no closer to finding her verge on the DeMarco case, and the very reminder of just how far off the mark she was on this damn case was sauntering about taunting her in the next room. As she felt a soft touch caress the back of her arm, she nearly melted into it, craving the touch. The taunt was definitely not in the next room. Snapping to attention in just the nick of time, she pulled her body forward.

“I should arrest you,” she muttered as she turned to him.

“For what, dear Brit? Hitting on you? Can’t possibly be a crime yet.” His words were as warm and seductive as they had been in her previous encounters with him, and as she listened, she could see herself submitting to him in her mind and hear herself moaning in ecstasy because of it. He was right; she did need it. Two years was entirely too long.

“What is it you do for a living, Mr. Scott, that you have so much time on your hands to fuck with the likes of me just for fun?”

He smiled at her, but it was an amused smile. “I’m an investor.”

“I see. So you have money and you throw it around for fun. Is that about it? No brains, really, but at least you’ve got your money to waste. I can see why you’re so damn bored.” She could tell by the sudden tightness in his jaw that she’d hit a nerve of some sort, and it was exceptionally satisfying. But as quickly as she’d turned the tables, he turned them right back.

“On the contrary, I’m quite intelligent, and I invest likewise. It’s why I have money to throw around. But thank you so much for reducing my life to something so very abhorrent as being wealthy. I came from money, Brit, and I walked away from every last penny of it. Now, how about you stick to hating me for the right reasons.”

“I don’t hate you. I’m just not interested in you. It’s never going to happen, so you should really just give it up.” She turned her back on him and returned to staring at the picture.

He hummed seductively before speaking. “Never suggests forever.” His breath touched her earlobe as he leaned to her body without touching her from behind. The breath that touched her skin left radiating electricity pulsing through her body. She held her arms tensely folded across her chest, but she could feel her nipples hardening under the tight hold she had on herself. When his breath moved to the nape of her neck, he continued his statement. “And forever is a long time.” He nipped a quick kiss at the base of her neck before she could stop him, and she turned her head to her opposite shoulder to glare. When he moved to meet her ear that she’d conveniently turned to him, he finished his riddling comment. “Far too long to suggest never.”

His nose brushed her cheek as she froze in place. She swallowed hard over the lump in her throat, and when she did, his mouth moved closer to her ear, and he caressed along the outside rim with his lips. The touch was so feather light, and coupled with his breath against her skin, she shivered and trembled where she stood. She needed to move away from him, but she didn’t. Instead, she froze in place waiting for his next touch, wanting his next touch, craving it so much she could hear herself begging for it in her mind.

When she felt his hand grip the side of her waist and his body close in behind her, her mouth dropped open. When she felt his large, turgid arousal pressed against her lower back, she gasped. Wetness flooded her center, and he inhaled deeply from behind her. She couldn’t allow this to happen, regardless of how much she may want it to. And stepping forward and rounding toward him, Brit threw her elbow into his jaw with the crack of her bone sounding loudly against his. His body remained oddly still given the force she’d thrown into the move, and as she took another defensive step back from him, she watched, ready to defend herself. But he didn’t fight back. Instead, he rubbed his jaw with the same seductive smirk pulling his lips while he clicked his tongue and slowly shook his head from side to side.

“Impressive.” He dropped his hand from his jaw. “We’re two peas in a pod, you and I. I wonder which of us will give in first. I want to fuck you, Brit, and I damn well know you want to fuck me too.”

When he turned and started moving casually away from her, she stopped him. “You’re fucking with me to interfere with my case. I want to know why?” She waited, fighting hard to maintain a controlled expression.

“Wouldn’t you prefer to just fuck and stop worrying about the why? I sure as hell would.” And then he winked before he sauntered away from her. He was in no hurry, and she watched as he retreated from the room never once looking back at her.
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