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Mar 26, 2013

Cover Reveal - Your Heart My Soul by Daisy Banks

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Your Heart My Soul by Daisy Banks

Does love last beyond death? The ghost of Sally Addleforth has no doubt. But shamed and disfigured by her murderer, her spirit lingers, hidden from the patient soul of her man, William Reliance Smith.

Libby Chesterton is an American in England, and she’d rather go home than face the problems her British inheritance has created. Her dilapidated store, with its frightful contents, proves more trouble than it may be worth.

Gareth Saunders, antiques expert and psychic, catches a bout of Lancelot fever as he helps his adorable client with the store and the spiritual possession threatening to overwhelm her.

Wedding bells will ring—one way or another.

Two sets of lovers struggle on this plane and another to find their way out of chaos to reach each other…

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 25, 2013
Liquid Silver Books

Excerpt & More

“Libby, right now I want you to try to concentrate on being you. I know Sally’s thoughts are powerful, and scary I would think, but for now try to block them if you can. Okay?” Gareth squeezed her to him, astonished by the amount of information she possessed and uncertain if the entity Sally had fully departed. The fear the powerful spirit lingered rose in him. Such a thing would be beyond his skills for sure, and he hoped Sally hadn’t stayed close by or worse in her delightful host, because he couldn’t think of a way of defending Libby from this possession. “Can you stand for a minute, to get in the car? Try not to put any weight on the bad ankle.” He eased her down.

“Yes.” She hopped on one foot while he opened the door. “If I hold on here, it’s fine.” She clutched the frame of the door for a second and then slid into the car seat.

“In you go. I’ll take you straight back to my apartment and we’ll get an ice pack on your ankle before your foot swells up like a balloon. I can drive over and collect things you want from your hotel tomorrow or the next day. Allow me.” He leaned over to pull her seat belt on and clip it in, all too conscious of even the faintest touch, because she glowed like a little furnace, so comforting her heat. Even in the brief walk to the car, she’d warmed his body until he tingled from head to foot, unusual to say the least. He yearned to hold her again. “Ready?”

“Yes, and Gareth, thanks. I don’t think I’d have liked to be alone at the hotel tonight not after what’s happened today. I’d be really scared if I was on my own.” She reached across and squeezed his hand.

A race of fresh warmth rose up his arm; tenderness overlaid his fears for her. And well, who couldn’t? He leaned across and gently pressed his mouth to the softness of her beguiling silky lips in a kiss almost as chaste as those he’d give his sister. Almost, but not quite, for a creature awoke inside him, beat wings to raise a cloud of desire in preparation of capturing this beautiful woman as his own. The urge to explore more of her swept through him.

She returned his kiss. The spark of desire grew into a revelation. A new and powerful desire took root in his mind. He’d discovered something too precious to give up to fate or fortune. Whatever it might take he’d free Libby from the grip of this spirit’s grasp, because the lovely, heartwarming Ms. Liberty Chesterton belonged as part of his life.

Slowly, as if time mattered for nothing they kissed until he let her lips go, backed from her sweet face. “I apologize,” he said, though he couldn’t think from her response she’d wish him to. “I should have asked.”

“No, Gareth, don’t. There’s no need to say sorry. I wanted you to kiss me. I still do.”

The creature within gave a satisfied little purr. She would be his. “I promise, Libby, as soon as we get back to my apartment and I’m happy you have ice on your ankle, I will take great delight in kissing you.” He glanced across as he started the car. “In fact, I don’t think anything could stop me.”

The narrow-eyed gaze she raked over his face, astonished him. A twisted, sour curl to her lip showed only disdain, and though they’d met recently, he knew in an instant Libby would never look at him or any man in such a malevolent way.

“I might stop yer, dirty worm.”

Fingers shaky, he braked hard to avoid the concrete pillar near the exit of the car park. He should have guessed. “Sally!”


The triumphant tone sent a rash of shivers over him, not the delicious kind Libby induced, but the sort to warn he was well beyond his depth of knowledge with this. “What do you want?” he asked and prayed she didn’t seek treasure lost in the Caribbean.

“I’m free now. Out of the shop with a body he’ll not be feared to see. At last I’m gonna find my Will, and ’eel look on me and smile. So, this ’ere small wench, she’ll be a trifle busy.”

“What about Libby?”

“Ye can have ’er back when I find my Will.”

“You can’t take control of her like this,” he said. “It’s not fair.” God, that sounds pathetic. A grown man forced to plead like a boy. “I need to know Libby’s safe. Show me she’s unharmed.”

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